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    Direction:the challenge of starting a career after graduation

    Personally speaking, influenced by the inevitable result of social advancement, the phenomenon of starting a career after graduation has been a prevalent tendency in our society. And it also has been a hot topic among the individuals. As for me, I deem that starting a career after graduation has numerous challenges .

    When it comes to the challenges when we start a career after gradution, the driving challenges can be summarized as below. For one thing , we have to solve the problem of money,because it is the base of a successful career. For another, the firece competition which we confront with may be a kind of difficulty for every student.

    I think starting a career after graduation has numerous challenges to be solved, and positive attitude and careful consideration are essential for students.



    26.I warning

    27.B convenience

    28.F particularly

    29.L surveyed

    30.C effectively

    31.E intimate

    32.J unfriendly

    33.K specific

    34.G primary

    35.A avoid


    How a poor abandoned parisian boy became a top chef



    36.Careme was among the first chefs who stressed both the appearance and flavor of dishes

    37.Careme wanted to show to later generations that French chefs of his time were most world

    38.Careme benefited greatly from sevring a French diplomat and his connections

    39.Careme learned his trade from a famous dessert chef in Paris

    40.Careme's creative works were exhibited in the shop windows by his master

    41.Careme's knowledge of art and architecture helped him create extraordinary desserts out of ordinary ingredient

    42.Many people in paris were eager to have a look at the latest sweet food made by Care

    43.Careme became extremely wealthy by cooking for rich and socially ambitious families

    44.Careme's writing dealt with fundamental cooking principles in a systematic way

    45.Careme's contribution to French cooking was revolutionary



    46.For what reason mat your friends feel reluctant to visit your home?

    答:A,The security camera installed may intrude into their privacy

    47.What does lizzie post say is new territory?

    答:D,Etiquette around home security cameras

    48.What is lizzie post mainly discussing with regard to the use of home security cameras?

    答:C,Likes and dislikes of individuals

    49.What is a host's responsibility regarding security cameras,according to lizzie post?

    答:A,Making their guests feel at ease

    50.In what way can the home security camera benefit visitors to your home?

    答:B,It can prove their innocence


    51.Why is PepsiCo making a policy change?

    答:C,To satisfy the growing needs for healthy foods

    52.What does PepsiCo think it will have to do in the future?

    答:D,Keep on improving its products

    53.Why does PepsiCo plan to,alter its products ,according to lndra Nooyi?

    答:A,To ensure the company's future development

    54.What does indra Nooyi say about the obesity epidemic?

    答:C,It is attributable to people's changed lifestyles

    55.What has PepsiCo been doing to achieve its objective?

    答:B,Increasing its research funding



    An increasing number of Chinese people are inseparable from mobile phones. Many of them, including the elderly, use mobile applications to keep in touch with friends and broaden their circle of friends. Because the mobile phone is easy to carry, they also shop and look for information with it. In addition, communicating through mobile applications is cheaper than using traditional calls. However, the new trend has led people to rely on the mobile phone excessively when socializing. In fact, some youngsters have become so addicted to mobile phones that they neglect the face-to-face communication with their family and friends.


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