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    BBC news with Marian Marshall.

    Donald Trump has warned Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro that he is making a terrible mistake by blocking access to foreign humanitarian aid. Mr. Trump said the US was working with other countries in the region to find ways of delivering food and medicines to the Venezuelan people.

    At least 27 members of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard have been killed in a suicide attack in the southeast of the country. A Sunni Muslim militant group said it carried out the bombing.

    American prosecutors have charged a former intelligence officer in the US Air Force with spying for Iran. Monica Witt is said to have defected to Iran in 2013 and supplied classified information.

    Two suspected members of the Syrian Secret Service accused of involvement in killing and torturing critics of President Assad have been arrested in Germany, one of them accused of hunting down army deserters and torturing at least 2,000 people.

    NASA has declared that the Opportunity Rover that’s sent to Mars is not functioning, 8 months after last contact with ground control on earth. The robotic vehicle transformed an understanding of the red planet by confirming that water once flowed there.

    The UN’s labor agency, the ILO, has revealed that it took until last year for the world’s unemployment rate to recover from the financial crash of 2008. The ILO said more than 170 million people had no job.

    A Sudanese refugee who has been held in Australia’s controversial Manus Island Detention Center has won the prestigious human rights prize. Abdul Aziz Muhamat received the Martin Ennals Award for his campaign for better conditions of the camp in Papua New Guinea.

    A petition to bring about laws to protect bees is drawing to a close in the German State of Bavaria. Campaigners have until the end of the day to collect nearly a million signatures needed to ensure that the government takes action.

    BBC world service news.


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